Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Oh, it's that lovely, lovely time of year again in Austin, that delightful - but far too short-lived - season we call spring.

I took advantage of the wonderful weather on Sunday by...staying inside and doing my taxes. Sigh. Being an adult kind of stinks sometimes. But we did sneak out for a short break and visited our favorite Dog Park.

We saw tons of familiar faces, both furry and human, and throughly enjoyed our three loops around the park. The bluebonnets and other wildflowers are out in full force - if you're looking for a spot for the obligatory spring bluebonnet photos, this is your place. Here are a few of mine:

OK, not a bluebonnet, but very pretty! I actually don't know what this is - does anyone else?

Everything's better with bluebonnet on it (yeah...slogans have a way of sticking in my head. Forever.)


Kodak (TM) Picture Spot.

Mindy absolutely refuses to look at the camera for photos.
She'll sit obediently, then nonchalantly look the other way every. single. time.

More camera avoidance.

I'm done sitting now, Mom! Let's go plaaaaaaay!

Hope everyone else is enjoying this fantastic weather!


  1. Pretty bluebonnets! I haven't taken any photos of them yet this year. I think Mindy is just working the camera--giving you her good side. She knows.

  2. That is one extraordinarily happy looking puppy. Flowers are nice too.

  3. Mindy is adorable!! My pup has the same issue, doesn't like to look at the camera unless I ask him if he wants a treat. Then he will whip his head around :)

    Where is that park?

  4. Absolutely beautiful! And so are the bluebonnets.

  5. Beautiful pictures, as usual. Those bluebonnets are so resilient. Dogs and people have been bounding around in that patch, and the bluebonnets bounce right back. I am glad that you and Mindy still visit the Park.

  6. Dana, it's an...uh...unofficial dog park. TXDOT property at the corner of 45th and Bull Creek. Lots and lots of people use it as a leash-free park, but occasionally you have to dodge animal control.


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