Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Retro Bizzaro - Snack Cakes Worth Eating!

I wrote a Yelp review recently about my belief that much of what moves us as adults is seeded in our brains (and our taste buds) during our childhood years. Of course, there are tons of foods that I love now that I never ate as a child; but there's still no denying that I have an affinity for certain things - Asian food, for example - that seems disproportionate to the thing itself. Or perhaps another example might be more telling...Cheetos, perhaps?

Along these lines, I have fond memories of eating snack cakes while growing up. "Delights" like Ho Ho's, Twinkies, and Hostess Cupcakes were favorites of mine as a kid. I also had this bizarre ritual that involved Dolly Madison butterscotch Zingers while I was an undergraduate student; nothing ever tasted better during a 2:00 a.m. study break than a package of those babies.

Fast forward fifteen...plus...years (ahem). A new voice appeared on Twitter - a woman with a highly infectious personality named Amanda Joyner who, along with her husband, Mike (who is also the pastry chef at local foodie favorites FINO and Asti), is launching a new line of snack cakes under the name Retro Bizzaro. But these aren't just any snack cakes. They use local, fresh, sustainable, organic ingredients and a giant dose of love to make fabulously delicious, relatively healthy gems that you won't feel badly about eating. And, as their Facebook page hilariously proclaims, "Unlike other snack cakes, we won't survive the nuclear holocaust."

After several failed attempts to pick up some of their treats (currently available at the HOPE Farmer's Market and the Truck Farm Farmer's Market), I finally picked some up on Sunday.

Mike selling their treats at the HOPE Market. Sadly, Amanda's shining personality wasn't there that day, but you can meet her through some of her fun video blogging on their website.

Part of my stash, which already needs replenishing.

A Bella Luna - inspired by Moon Pies - wonderful, perfectly-chewy cookies sandwiching a marshmallow filling, then dipped in chocolate.

Bella Luna side view. Don't you just want to get in bed with this thing?

A Snickie. Snickerdoodle-inspired, but much, much better. I was completely taken by surprise at how much I LOVED these light, super cinnamony cakes.

The inner workings of a Snickie. Note the cinnamon cream goodness.

A coffee cream Black Hole - dark, moist chocolate coffee cake filled with sweet coffee cream.

A peek inside. Look at how moist their cake is!

What Black Hole?

Retro Bizzaro's menu changes for each market, and also includes things like homemade candy bars, bacon jam (yes, bacon jam!), Bubbles (jam-filled tarts), and, just in time for Easter, I've seen them tweeting about making a homemade version of Peeps (and there was even talk about a chorizo and caramel version!). So if your kids - or, uh, you - need a bit of a snack cake fix, hurry out and snag some Retro Bizzaro treats now. At just $2 apiece as of this writing, Retro Bizzaro's goodies are budget-friendly without sacrificing one bit on quality, flavor, or that elusive feel-good factor. Buy local! They do.


  1. If you love them, you're going to have to share. ;)

  2. I have been dreaming about the Snickie for weeks. It may be the single most delicious snack cake ever.

  3. nice job M! I was almost part of this excursion too.

  4. I want to try these!

  5. this sounds like another tasty saturday field trip in the works with my little from big bros and big sis's. i was counseled not to feed her so much sugar though....

    i too have very fond memories of Ho-hos and Ding Dongs!

  6. Uh - Oh. Snickerdoodles are my weakness. Here snickie snickie snickie...


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