Monday, February 22, 2010

Return to Chi'Lantro

I've got a slew of posts rattling around in my brain but no time to get them life isn't affording me the opportunity to babble on and on (as I am wont to do) at the moment.

However, I did want to mention that I returned to Chi'Lantro Korean BBQ shortly after my first visit (which I blogged about here) and tried their bulgogi burger with spicy fries ($6), which was their special of the day. Jae recognized me immediately and greeted me by name, then hopped to the task of preparing my dinner.

I love the fact that Chi'Lantro is mobile, but this also means that there aren't any picnic tables or other comfy spots to camp out and eat your meal. So I took this baby on a paper plate and magically managed to get it home without spilling it all over the floorboard. Well, OK...the fries didn't make it home with me, but only because I ate them on the way.


Soooooo delicious. The burger was busting with beefy, greasy, bulgogi flavor. The fries were nicely dusted with spicy seasoning and served with an addictive dipping sauce which I'm guessing was sriracha mixed with mayonnaise - does anyone out there know for sure? Whatever it is, it's delicious.

Good stuff. And just $6! A small price to pay for a hearty, filling meal served with a smile.


  1. Do they have a bibimbap burger? Not that I want to try it... it's just fun to say :)

  2. Ha, L! Unfortunately, no. Because I agree that it's fun to say, AND I think it would be fun to eat!

  3. Wow that looks tasty. Sriracha and mayo, yum.

  4. Dang, my teenage-Berkeley-foodie cousins were visiting last week and W. asked if we had any good Korean BBQ and I was like, um...duh....

    We did hit Uchi, Parkside, Home Slice, etc. and they were duly impressed so I've still got my cred.

    I'll have to do a "research" visit to Chi'Lantro for their next trip!

  5. Mixette, I think Korea House is the crowd favorite for Korean BBQ in Austin. I'd classify Chi'Lantro more as Korean-Mexican fusion.

    Teenagers that like Uchi? Wow. However are they going to survive their ramen-noodle-eating college years?!?

  6. I know! Actually it is an amazing little cultural experiment, growing up in Foodie Heaven. Those kids and all their friends know and love food and are dead serious about fresh/local. And they are interested in cooking too. Teenagers! It gives me great hope for the next generation.

    Korea House: noted!

  7. While I haven't tried the burger, my first visit to Chi'Lantro was magical. The only thing lacking was, like you wrote, seating. That didn't stop me from plopping down on a curb and skarffing away.

  8. I finally made it to Chi'lantro today! I loved my tacos and can't wait to go back and try the burger. Thanks for posting about Chi'lantro! :)

  9. Oooh must try. That looks and sounds delicious!


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