Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rosen's Bagels - Best Bagels in Austin

If you've ever lamented the absence of really excellent bagels in Austin, I'm about to make your day.

Tom Rosen of Rosen's Bagels is very quietly entering (and taking over) Austin's bagel scene with his truly, truly outstanding bagels. I'm an enthusiastic person by nature and I think some may suspect I'm prone to hyperbole, but I do try to reserve the superlatives for appropriate occasions. So when I say these are by far the best bagels I have ever had the pleasure of eating...well, I really mean it.

They're perfectly chewy and ridiculously fresh tasting. And if you like stuff on the exterior of your bagels, like poppy seeds or sesame seeds or "everything," you'll be pleased to see that that stuff is there in spades. Don't you hate it when you cut a bagel in half and half of your bagel has all the good yumminess on the exterior and the other side basically has a sad poppy seed or two? You'll never have to worry about this with Tom's bagels; both sides of your bagel will be resplendent with loads of the promised ingredient.

I mean, just look at these beauties.

Rosen's Bagels

Rosen's Bagel - Irv's Standard

Rosen's Bagels

So, how do I get my hands on some of these, you ask? Well, Tom is currently in start-up mode, so for now there are just a couple of options.

1.  You can email him via his website to place a catering order (minimum weekday order is $35, but don't forget that bagels freeze well, and you also can build up to your minimum with some of his fresh, custom schmears, like lime poblano scallion, lemon basil, or honey & toasted macadamia nut); or

2. He's doing pop-ups around town on a fairly regular basis. Check his Facebook page or his Instagram feed for announcements - there is one this Thursday, May 11th at the 300 West 6th Pop-up Market at 10a; one on Friday, May 12th at Forthright CafĂ©  from 8a-11a; and one on Saturday, May 13th at Hope & Grain Brewery from 10a-12p.

You will not find a better collaborator for your next schmear campaign.


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