Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Central Market's Passport Greece

From April 29th through May 12th, both Central Market locations in Austin will be presenting Passport Greece, a celebration of all that is Greek and delicious. I was lucky enough to be invited to a media event showcasing some of the food items that will be available during the festival. Below are my favorite bites of the evening.

feta & fig
Arvantis barrel aged feta P.D.O. paired with Nefali brand Purely Greek Sweet Kalamata Relish with Figs & Almonds and my very favorite go-to crackers (usually found on a table between the freezer cases and the cheese counter at the North Lamar store). A perfect sweet-salty bite that would make a lovely and easy appetizer.

dolma & bulghur
Raw bulgur salad (the bulgur was soaked in orange juice until it was properly softened) with orange, fig, and pine nuts - so refreshing and citrusy! Paired with some of the most wonderful dolmades I've ever tasted.

I love a good gyro, and this one did not disappoint. I initially thought that it was an inauthentic (but tasty) move for Central Market to pile French fries in their gyros, but my friend Linda - who was in Greece last year - tells me that they do this in Greece, too. I can't believe I've been tolerating fry-less gyros my whole life!

No Greek festival would be complete without flaky baklava.
If you love yours super sweet, this version will make you happy.

In addition to offering a number of Greek favorites that aren't usually available in their stores, Central Market will also be offering cooking classes showcasing Greek chefs; Greek wine tastings and wine dinners, and even a Greek Market Stroll where you can wander through the market sampling Greek foods (in other words, just like a normal day at Central Market, except the samples will all be Greek). Check out the schedule of planned offerings at this link. And do it quickly - it would be a real pita if you missed the fun!


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