Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Scorpion Bakehouse - The Best Bakery You Don't Know About Yet

Anyone who's been following my blog for a while knows that one of the reasons I write it is because I love spreading the word about up-and-coming food superstars. And if you've ever tasted the cakes made by Melissa of Scorpion Bakehouse, you know that she is very much a food superstar! Her cakes are not only stunningly gorgeous, but they are as delicious as they look. When you show up with one of these beauties, nobody, and I mean nobody, will believe that a home-based baker made it.


Scorpion Bakehouse

One of my co-workers deemed it the best chocolate cake she had ever had. It was that good.

Scorpion Bakehouse

Don't you want to just dive head-first into that luscious meringue?

And as if her incredible cakes weren't enough to showcase her talent, she's also collaborating with her super-talented artist husband Briks to make the coolest cookies you will ever see (you may recognize Briks' art from the walls at Ramen Tatsu-ya, Drink Well, Spokesman, and several other places around town and around Texas!) My friend Jen and I got some of the cookies for our friend E, and Melissa & Briks customized them especially for her! We were so beside ourselves with excitement over these!

Scorpion Bakehouse Cookies

Those two adorable characters in the middle are E's fur-kids Joey and Cocoa - they captured their ham personalities so well!

At the moment, Melissa isn't set up for delivery service, so you have to pick up her cakes and cookies on the north side of town. But they're 100% worth the drive up there. I have a feeling I'll be doing it a lot more often - I have a lot of coworkers and friends with birthdays!

Interested in ordering? Just email Melissa at scorpionbakehouse@gmail.com.


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