Monday, January 28, 2019

Off Topic: 2018 in One (or Two) Seconds Every Day

In 2018, for the second year, I filmed a second (or two) of video every day and mashed it all together using the excellent 1 Second Everyday app. I enjoy the output so much; it serves as a little video diary, reminding me of the highlights of the year, including the small pleasures that might otherwise be forgotten. Here is my year-end video for 2018. For those of you who made appearances here, thanks for being a part of my year. I'm truly grateful to each and every one of you.


Monday, January 21, 2019

Deal Alert! Endless Brunch at Revue

Some friends of ours recently told us about a Travelzoo deal for brunch for two people for $45 (or four people for $89) at Revue in the Fairmont. This brunch is normally $35 per person, and I honestly think it's not a bad deal even at that price - but it's a much better deal with the voucher! We went today with another couple to check it out, and we were so impressed that I rushed home to tell you about it. This is NOT a sponsored post - just an enthusiastic endorsement for what I thought was a really outstanding brunch experience at a great price.

First of all, Revue's brunch includes both a really sizable buffet plus as many small plates as you want to order off the menu. The buffet itself was no slouch, featuring a ton of regular breakfasty items (eggs made several ways, thick cut bacon, sausage, chilaquiles, etc.); a baked table with housemade bread, Rockstar bagels, muffins, & croissants; a charcuterie & cheese table; a yogurt parfait bar; and a seafood bar that included oysters on the half shell (!!!), cocktail shrimp, a couple kinds of lox, and smoked trout dip. I may have had a few plates that looked something like the one to the right.

Then we started ordering off the menu. The menu items are served as small plates, which allows you to try more things. Also, they offer $2 mimosas and $4 bloody Marys!

We started with this showstopper, the chicken and waffles. Truly  some of the best chicken and waffles I have ever eaten. The batter on the chicken had just a hint of sweetness and was so light and crisp, and the waffles were just wonderfully fluffy. I think the butter on top had some honey in it, as well. We ended up ordering a couple more of these.

Ah-mazing chicken and waffles!
This house-made sausage kolache was very tasty, but sort of lost the beauty contest with the chicken and waffles.

Excellent biscuits and gravy!

Brisket tacos that I thought were a smidge dry, but the brisket was nicely smoky, and our friends enjoyed it.

ATX Benny - inexplicably, I didn't try this - I think I was starting to realize at that point that I really needed to be a little more judicious about what was going in.

Lovely crepe filled with lemon curd and garnished with berries

Quite possibly the best churros I've ever had. I know I seem like I'm in superlative mode today, but I was SUPER impressed with these light, perfect specimens. We ordered another round of these, as well.

Oh, and THEN we walked over to the loaded dessert table.

Luscious and adorable chocolate hedgehogs

"Dig" for truffles

This was actually from the baked section on the buffet - an excellent chocolate croissant

Back to the dessert bar - pecan tarts
Light, perfect lemon meringue tarts

At the end of the meal, they actually give you little bags that you can fill with the candy from the tall jars on the dessert table and take to go. Over. The. Top.

As you can probably guess, we staggered out of there - after nearly three hours of utter decadence. Which reminds me to tell you, they validate self-parking in their garage for three hours if you eat at Revue (or you can valet park for $5)! It looks like the Travelzoo voucher expires on February 4th, so don't delay - and don't forget to tip your server on the non-discounted meal price. Enjoy!

101 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701


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