Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cooking With Beer - Food Bloggers' Potluck, Part IV

Austin food bloggers gathered once again for our bi-monthly potluck - and this time, the theme was cooking with beer.

Would that make this a bockluck?

Our friends at 512 Brewing Company very generously offered up their space for the gathering - and also furnished us with a nice selection of their own great brews on tap to help us wash down the beerlicious bites made by the bloggers.


Mmmm. Beer.

I really think this was one of the best food blogger potlucks I can remember. Everything I tasted was outstanding - there are so many wonderful ways to use beer in cooking!

Here are just a few of the delicious dishes that were brought (I'll post separately with the recipe for my dish, a shrimp parmesan risotto):

Fantastic Octoberfest Pizza - topped with German sausage and cabbage braised in Shiner Black. By Kristi Willis of Austin Farm to Table.

Highly addictive avocado fried in an Ichiban-tempura batter, served with a sriracha-mayo sauce.
By Peter of The Tasting Buds.

Wonderful Carne Guisada made with Negro Modelo Dark by Carla of Austin Urban Gardens.

Texas Rarebit (toast points with a chipotle cheddar cheese sauce made with Sierra Nevada Stout) by Catilin of Two Sisters Two Suppers.

Roasted Apple/Fennel Skewers with Gorgonzola Sauce by Alisha of Kula Catering (there's porter in here somewhere, but I neglected to ask where).

Another Kula Catering creation - Beer Bread with Gorgonzola Sauce.

Beautiful little beer bread mini pizzas with goat cheese and caramelized onions,
made by Teddy of Fun With Your Food.

Lest you think we don't eat anything healthy - Cole Slaw with a Budweiser-based dressing, an offering by Diann of Eat'n Veg'n.

Lest you think we eat too healthy - some lageriffic desserts:

Beer Pretzel Cashew Caramels, created by Lisa of Lisa Is Cooking.

Ridiculously moist Real Ale Mini Cakes with Brown Sugar Cream, by Rachel of The Friendly Kitchen.

The leading edge of a beautiful pumpkin ale cheesecake, courtesy of Jennie a/k/a MisoHungry.

Utterly scrumptious homemade "punkin" ice cream made with Dogfish Punkin Ale by Stephanie, the Cosmic Cowgirl.

And last, but certainly not least, a fan-freakin'-tastic "beeramisu" made with Great Divide Brewing Company Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti by Cecelia of Soil to Supper.

If you're not drooling yet, I highly recommend that you take two beers and look again.*

The food bloggers' bockluck - it's good for what ales you.

*(A few more photos from the bockluck can be found here).


  1. Everything looks delicious all over again! It was another great potluck.

  2. Good God. Reason 6,321 why I need to move to Austin.

  3. Your pics came out fantastic! I completely forgot to take pics this time... Whoops- bad blogger, Teddy. :) great event.

  4. You Austin food bloggers are amazing.

  5. I am SO sad to have missed this potluck. I was out of town and it looks like it was an unbelievably above and beyond feast! Thank you for sharing.


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