Friday, February 4, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Coconut Rice Pudding

It wasn't the best week for food photos. Nothing I ate photographed well, either because it was unattractive or because my lack of photography skills rendered it that way. So I was digging through the archives looking for something to dust off for this post when I finished a batch of coconut rice pudding and fixed myself a bowl to accompany my browsing. And as the warm, gently-sweet goodness took hold of my soul, I thought, "Why not?" Out came the camera, and here we are. Taken mere moments before this post was written.


Made using this recipe, only I scaled the sugar back to 1/3 cup and added some toasted almonds for a bit of texture contrast. Clearly not the most beautiful food photo ever shot - far from it - but the perfect thing to take the edge off this wintry weather. Hope you find similar inspiration on this frigid Friday, whether it be in your bowl, or elsewhere.

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  1. I've noticed the color blue does that to food.
    I will try the recipe. We trust your sense of taste.


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