Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Guacamole at La Condesa

La Condesa eluded me at first. I had a couple of experiences there early on that weren't so great. But people kept wanting to go, and I kept obliging them. And suddenly, I loved the place.


Take this guacamole, for instance. Guacamole is always delicious on its own, but when paired with a wonderfully smoky chipotle sauce and toasted almonds, it transforms from tasty to one of those experiences where you're making little guttural noises in the back of your throat. La Condesa has several other guacamole preparations, too - one with pomegranate seeds, queso fresco, & toasted pepitas; and another with green apple and crab. But this one is my favorite. The God-camole of guacamoles.

Happy Friday!


  1. God-camole-- love it! Looks amazing.

  2. Holy heck-- that sounds incredible. I am going to have to muster up some sort of recipe for that this weekend...

  3. Wish i saw this before the last time I went on Friday. Ah well, another excuse to come back :)


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