Friday, February 18, 2011

Food Photo Friday - The Scallop

Can I get an amen?

This beauty from Chez Zee was one of the best scallop preparations I've had in a long while. A large sea scallop was seared and topped with lightly candied pecans and a brown butter sauce, then served over a parsnip purée. The subtle sweetness of the sauce and the pecans mellowed the wonderful sear on the scallop, and the parsnip purée added texture without being too heavy. Perfect. This one was a gift from the chef, but I urged them to add it to the menu, because I need to be able to go back and order it again.


I have long been a fan of Chez Zee. The twinkly white Christmas lights, the fire engine red piano, and the always-engaging art make for such a delightful dining ambience. I'm partial to their pecan crusted chicken over any of their salads (the Maytag blueberry is my recent fave), and the butterscotch pudding with salted caramel sauce is to dieeeeee for. Their signature smoked olive oil is the perfect accompaniment to your before-meal bread. And they have a brand new executive chef - Ben Nathan (formerly of The Belmont) - who promises to kick the food up another notch. I'm looking forward to exploring this new chapter with an old favorite.


  1. i loveee scallops and Chez Zee is absolutely charming.

    So hungry.

  2. That looks like one delicious scallop.

  3. I used to live just minutes from Chez Zee and went there often for brunch. I've missed it lately and this scallop reminds me that I need to go back STAT!

  4. Chez Zee is one of our favorites too. The pasta with gorgonzola sauce, chicken, and jalapenos keeps us coming back. And, now, I need to go try that scallop. It's a beauty!

  5. I rarely meet a scallop dish that I don't like but this one does look particularly fantastic. I haven't ever made it in to Chez Zee but this pic has convinced me I should!

  6. Mmm scallops! Also, their lemon rosemary cake = heaven.


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