Friday, January 28, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Haddington's Stuffed Trout

With all the new restaurants that seem to be opening at the moment, I'm stuffing new menus into my face faster than I can blog about them (not that that's anything new). I finally got to check out Haddington's at lunch time on Wednesday, which is where this week's food photo was taken. This stuffed trout entrée was spectacular. A whole trout was grilled and stuffed with fennel, pine nuts, and grapes. It was as tender and moist as trout gets, and the stuffing was fabulous. Unfortunately, it was my friend's order...but happily, he was generous enough to share.



  1. Gorgeous. Delicious. Great photo, Michelle. I really look forward to Food Photo Friday every week.

  2. Hey there - when you visit, I'll take you to The Blue Stone Inn for their stuffed trout--very cool atmosphere and good eats!

  3. Lovely! I haven't yet made it to Haddingtons. I agree- so many new places have opened up lately, I can't keep up!

  4. Love this, Michelle, and was recently there with a similar dish - Zach is so talented!


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