Friday, January 14, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Green Chile Mac 'n' Cheese

The Roaring Fork. Sure, it's a chain, but at least it's one that's not afraid to use the word "Ass" on its menu (see: Big Ass Burger). And they've got some good stick-to-your-ribs offerings like their Kettle of Green Chili Pork and this Green Chile Mac 'n' Cheese that are perfect for this chilly Texas weather.

Go ahead, Minnesotans. Laugh. I'll just be sitting here in my bulky sweater warding off 38˚F with this green chile goodness.



  1. i have a funny story about a douchebag and this restaurant and uchiko. maybe i shall share this with you if we ever meet :). over good food of course.

  2. Ooo, I think I need to hear that story! We definitely need to meet, Linda!

  3. Ha! Hahahaha! (You told me I could.) Hahahahahahahah--ok, that's enough.

    Mac & Cheese looks GOOD. Send some up my way. I need it more than you do.

  4. 38 degrees?! The high here on Sunday will be 8. The HIGH. I need some mac and cheese.

  5. My goodness- that does look like goodness! I'm glad to hear that transplanted Minnesotans are cold, too, so this Florida girl doesn't feel so wussy :-) I'm ready for the Texas heat to return!

  6. Love this dish at Roaring Fork. Love your photo of here too! Thanks for sharing. Digging the Food Photo Friday feature.

  7. Wow, I'm a sucker for mac & cheese to begin with. Add bacon and chile peppers? Serve it in a skillet? Sold!

  8. Hands down my favorite thing on their menu. I haven't been there in too long... now I have a crazy craving!


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