Monday, November 9, 2009

To Market, To Market

We are so very lucky in Austin to have four different options for farmer's market goodness. There's the Austin Farmer's Market, which offers a Saturday market downtown and a Wednesday evening market at The Triangle at 46th and Lamar; the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market (also on Saturdays); and the brand spankin' new HOPE Farmer's Market on Sundays at 5th and Waller.

I have yet to visit the HOPE market, but have been to the other three and so enjoyed the experience each and every time. Strolling around in the open air, usually with my pup Mindy in tow, and shopping for local produce, plants, prepared food, and beautifully handcrafted goods - everything from soap to stained glass - is about as delightful as it gets in my book. And I especially love the opportunity to meet all the growers, vendors, and artists - who, in my experience, are without exception deeply passionate about their wares.

Here are just a few of my photos from a recent visit to the Sunset Valley market, which was named one of the top five farmer's markets in the country by Eating Well magazine.

Gorgeous pile o' portabellas from Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms.

Cool looking (but inedible) hedge apple.

Awesomely huge star cactus flower.

A peck (?) of peppers. Not pickled.

A bowl of Roma tomatoes from Hillside Farms in Stonewall, Texas.

Hope to see you at the market sometime soon!


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