Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gallery of Gourdough's

Each day, every city with a Yelp community manager features a Review of the Day for that city. In Yelp-speak, a Review of the Day is also known as a ROTD. A while back, my friend Kimberly coined a tradition amongst the Austin Yelp community called ROTDC, which is a Review of the Day Celebration. If the person who gets Review of the Day wants to celebrate their review, they call an impromptu party at whichever place they'd reviewed for which they'd garnered the ROTD.

On Thursday, Kimberly got ROTD for her utterly hysterical reviews of Gourdough's. Gourdough's is a doughnut trailer which I previously blogged about here and Yelped about here. Kimberly decided to throw a ROTDC party at Gourdough's this morning, so of course it was mandatory to attend. What was great about this gathering is that there were quite a few of us, so we ordered a slew of different doughnuts, and I got photos (and tastes) of all of them. So here, for your drooling pleasure, is a photo gallery of several of Gourdough's offerings.

Starting with the savory doughnuts:

The Flying Pig - Bacon with Maple Syrup Icing

The Mother Clucker - Fried Chicken Strips with Honey Butter. This was INSANELY good. Not too sweet, and the chicken was ridiculously tender and worked beautifully with the buttery, hot, fresh doughnut. Chicken & waffles, move over - we've got chicken & doughnuts.

A special seasonal doughnut, the Gobble Gobble. It's topped with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce. We were all sitting around discussing how disgusting this sounded, which for some reason made my husband think he should go purchase one. We ate it. And liked it.

And now for the sweet treats:

The Dirty Berry - Fudge Icing with Grilled Berries. A little sweet for my taste.

The Slow Burn - Habanero Pepper Jelly with Cream Cheese Topping. Tastes pretty much how you might imagine it to taste.

IMG_0016 1.JPG
Naughty & Nice - Sugar and Cinnamon. For you old school doughnut fans. Only you may not have ever had one that came out of the fryer five seconds before you ate it. Highly recommend adding some honey butter on the side (pictured).

Margaritaville - Margarita Flavored Filling and Key Lime Icing. Somebody attacked this one before I snapped a pic. Better than it looks (which isn't hard, granted).

Something peach that I can't find on the menu. It reminded me of a Hostess Peach Pie.

The crowning jewel - Mama's Cake - Filled with Yellow Cake Batter (yellow cake batter!!) and topped with Chocolate Fudge. I'm quivering just thinking about this. Or maybe that's my thighs jiggling as a result of eating this...not sure.

We even had sparkling wine to pair with our doughnuts, thanks to the ingenuity of Yelper Hoa N. This practice is highly recommended.


I really can't think of a better way to have kicked off my weekend than a totally over-the-top food outing with some of my favorite Yelp friends. Congrats, Kimberly, on getting ROTD, and throwing a fabulous ROTDC!


  1. OH MY Gosh! I don't even like doughnuts but I want some Gourdough's NOW!


  2. I think I gained 10 pounds just reading this post.

  3. I've definitely been meaning to go there as I'm a HUGE doughnut fan. Your photos make it a definite. It's set. I HAVE to go there this week. Mama's Cake looks awesome!

  4. A certain DP friend has been hankerin' to try the Chicken and Waffles. I think I'll try to redirect toward the Mother Clucker!

  5. Thanks, everyone! It's good stuff...I'd love to hear what you think if you go.

    And Mixette, I tried chicken & waffles at Shuggie's before they closed down, and I'm here to tell you that the Mother Clucker is MUCH better! Have not been to Lucky J's yet, though...

  6. Is it weird I came back to your blog just to drool over these photos again and work up an appetite? omg, it worked. My stomach is grumbling now.

  7. Aimee, that's not weird at all! That's what food porn is all about. ;)

    I'm glad you commented again, because it made me realize that I hadn't added your amazing blog to my blogroll before. Remedied now...just like you should remedy your doughnut craving ASAP...

  8. this is great! I'm gonna have to check this place out. Kinda want the gobble gobble right now...

  9. hey that peach thing you couldn't figure out is called "son of a peach" it's on the menu now at


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