Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Jack Allen's Kitchen

IMG_4876 Shrimp Tostada Bites.JPG

Aren't these shrimp tostada bites from Jack Allen's Kitchen purrrrrty? They were serving these tasty nuggets at a fundraiser thrown by the United Way Young Leaders Society last week. I went through the line a few times...enough times that Jack Allen himself finally introduced himself to me. He was extremely gracious about me eating all his food.

If you haven't been to Jack Allen's Kitchen, it's worth the drive. The food never disappoints, and they've got a terrific, open space with a large patio that is perfect for this fantastic spring weather. Here are a few bonus photos from previous visits to Jack Allen's. These were all taken with my old camera.

Their homemade pimento cheese & crackers, which is served before every meal. I didn't know pimento cheese could taste good until I had it here.

The Navaho Taco. It is ginormous. That flash fried spinach just dissolves in your mouth...I am sure it must be very healthy.

Speaking of healthy, this is the Trout Salad. Yes, they actually call this a "salad" on their menu.
My kind of salad!

Hope to see you out there, and happy Friday!


  1. Love these pics and LOVE the recipe index!!!

  2. Thanks for noticing the new addition, L. Shanna! I was surprised when I created the index how many recipes I've posted already!

  3. Dang! Your photos were all with a point & shoot! I have the Powershot A720, and am in the market for a new one! What setting do you use, the indoor one? Your pics always look nice & crisp!

  4. Hey SouthAustinFoodie - yep, all the photos on my blog were taken with a point-and-shoot. The first photo in this post was taken with my current camera, the Canon S95, which I LOVE. The rest of the photos on this particular post were taken with my former camera, which has been retired. Honestly, I typically use the Auto setting, 'cause I'm lazy like that! ;)


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