Friday, April 1, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Hot Diggety

Lest anybody accuse me of being a pretentious eater, I present to you a photo of a recent meal I had at Dog Almighty. Cheap, tasty, and they make a mean fry. If you are not easily offended, check out my Yelp review of the place, which has received more "Funny" votes than any other Yelp review I've ever written. Mom & Dad, if you are reading this, I'd suggest that you not click on that Yelp link.



  1. Okay, that is the most hilarious Yelp review ever!!!

  2. Optimista-- you are KILLING me with that review. I'm still giggling...

  3. Love that Yelp review Michelle! So funny! =) I really need to go try Dog Almighty.. Trying to get to every place on my list, but I feel like that list never ends. =P

  4. That's righteous. I certainly bat for a particular team, but I'd consider switching sides to wrap my mouth around one of those properly.

    Oh, wait... wouldn't have to.


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