Sunday, April 17, 2011

Austin Restaurant Week - Parkside and III Forks

The spring installation of Austin Restaurant Week 2011 is halfway over, but there are still four more days to snag yourself a multi-course brunch, lunch or dinner at a special Restaurant Week price. I've hit two places so far, both for dinner - Parkside and III Forks. I enjoyed both experiences thoroughly, and would definitely recommend either if you're still thinking about adding another notch to your Restaurant Week belt (I know I'll be needing a new notch on my belt, soon, and not in any proverbial way).

Some scenes from my Restaurant Week so far:

Buttery loaf from Parkside

Parisian gnocchi appetizer from Parkside (served with braised lamb, ramps, radish, swiss chard, & orange).

Chris' very spring-y farm rabbit entrée at Parkside. That pretty green pool is a green garlic broth.

My grilled bass entrée from Parkside - served with green olives, artichoke, foraged mushrooms, spring onion, lemon, and Espelette peppers.

Parkside's lovely and light frozen Meyer lemon soufflé.

And from III Forks:

Wedge salad. The large tomato was giving the small head of lettuce a run for its money.

Bacon-wrapped filet with red wine demi-glaze and bernaise sauce. This ridiculously tender filet tasted like it had been injected with was warm and rich and bacon-y like all get out. Served with sugar snap peas and duchess whipped potatoes which were too whipped and wayyyy too salty for my taste (and I LOVE salt). No matter; it was easy to ignore them with that filet in front of me.

I kind of can't believe I ate this piece of chocolate ganache cake after conquering the two plates above.
But I did.

Each of these meals was $35 for Restaurant Week. I'm not sure whether it's exactly the same, but an 8 oz filet is usually $37.95 at III Forks, and their wedge salad is $8.25, so this was a great deal.

You can check out the list of participating restaurants, browse their menus, and even make reservations on the Austin Restaurant Week website, here. Restaurant Week continues through this Wednesday.

Where have you been for Restaurant Week so far? Did you love it?


  1. Parkside looks amazing! Enjoyed III Forks with you and the gang! Need to get back out there this week!

  2. This is not the blog post to look at when I am already so hungry. Mmm.. look like you had a fantastic time. I want that frozen lemon meyer souffle. Pronto.

  3. I agree with Aimee....I definitely should not have looked at this blog post this morning when I'm starving!!! Can't wait to go check out the menu at parkside!

  4. Oh...not only am I starving, but dieting. This is just plain porn. YUM.

  5. Yumm! I've only been to Parkside's happy hour but looks like I'll have to be checking out their dinner menu.

    Thanks for your kind comments Michelle! They make my day, really! :) Btw what camera do you use, the quality is pretty good

    I'll probably be checking out Uchiko for ARW. I've heard many good things about the Fried Milk

  6. Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words! We went to Uchi tonight and it was AMAZING.

    Jane, I use a compact point-and-shoot, a Canon S95. It is GREAT for what it is, but can't come close to the shots you're able to get (and that is partly due to the photographer, as well :)). I am hitting Uchiko tomorrow - will look for you there!


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