Monday, November 9, 2015


I'll admit it: my palate has gotten a little spoiled. There are so many restaurants in Austin now that reliably serve up food I love that I sometimes feel a little reticent about trying new places - will it live up to expectations, or will I be sorry I veered from tried and true?

But I had heard quite a bit of buzz about Prelog's, so when they invited me out to sample their food, I jumped at the chance. Happily, they gave my skeptical palate something to sing about.

We went in for brunch on a Saturday, and opted to try their "tasting menu" brunch - two courses for $20 or three courses for $25. I started with the Eggs Royale, an aptly-named Eggs Benedict-ish concoction with a soft poached egg, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, and caviar sour cream (!!) served atop an English muffin. It was absolutely outstanding; every component was beautifully executed, and the briny caviar elevated this lovely dish to memorable.

Prelogs Eggs Royale

My husband started with an omelette. While it was admittedly a nice specimen of omelette, I'm not much of an omelette girl and I was way too focused on my Eggs Royale to pay much attention to it. 

Prelogs Omelette

I found my husband's second course, fish & chips, far more charming. Truly some of the best fish & chips I have encountered; it was light and flaky and avoided the greasiness that plagues so many plates of fish & chips.

Prelogs Fish & Chips

Luckily for my husband, my second course was also a show-stopper. It featured a beautiful piece of pork belly that had been cooked by sous vide, then the skin was wonderfully crisped. Absolutely heavenly.

Prelogs Pork Belly

We decided to order just a single third course, so we opted for the scone with clotted cream. It's hard to go wrong with clotted cream, and we made short work of this beautiful dish.

Prelogs Scone w Clotted Cream

We were very impressed with our first meal at Prelog's; before it was over, I was excitedly texting friends, telling them we needed to come back together. I'm very much looking forward to experiencing their lunch and dinner service, not to mention their Sunday brunch buffet, which sounds equal parts dangerous and legendary. Big thanks to the very gracious Chef Flo and his team for a wonderful meal - we can't wait to see you again!

360 Nueces Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 350-2895


  1. Replies
    1. Have you been, Errol? I know there was a fancy Yelp event there recently...

  2. Yum! I've been hearing good things about this restaurant too. I'll bump it up on my to-try list. Great photos and review, Michelle!

  3. Optimista / Michelle - great writeup. It's on our top five upscale restaurants in town. The Sunday brunch is just as to die for, if not more, than the Saturday tasting. It's amazing what they can do with a buffet, and the fact you can order "to order" plates along with the buffet line items is perfect. So well executed. -Ted / Slowcoooked (chowhound, sadly enough) / Eddie (yelp).

    1. What are your other four favorites, Ted?

  4. Loved this place during the Yelp event & definitely want to come back for brunch soon. Great pics, Michelle!

  5. Going there tonight for a media dinner. Can't wait! Also, I miss your face.


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