Sunday, July 31, 2011

GIVEAWAY! Buy With Me Voucher for the new BLVD Espresso & Dessert Bar

I swear, I think it is just too damn hot to blog. Yes, I know that it doesn't make sense to say it's too hot to sit inside my air-conditioned house and write a blog post, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Since there isn't much to see here at the moment, perhaps you should leave your computer and check out BLVD Espresso & Dessert Bar, a new addition to the 2nd Street District (where Teuscher used to be, may it RIP).

BLVD Espresso & Dessert Bar

BLVD Espresso & Dessert Bar

BLVD offers coffee and tea drinks (including local favorites Cuvee Coffee and Zhi tea) pastries from Bakerman's, a selection of chocolate bars and other goodies, and a small assortment of gelatos from TEO to help cool your insides while you're cooling your heels in their lovely climate-controlled environment.

Wonderful strawberry sorbetto!

Deal site BuyWithMe Austin has generously contributed one of their $10 BLVD vouchers to give away to a lucky blog reader! BuyWithMe sells deals to local businesses for up to 90% off - their website is linked above, and you can also stay apprised of their deals with the help of their Facebook page and Twitter account.

Here's how you enter:
1. "Like" Buy With Me Austin's Facebook page. Leave a comment here telling me you've done so. You MUST do this to enter the drawing.

2. For one additional entry, you can "Like" this blog's Facebook page. Then leave a comment here telling me you've done so. If you've already done so previously, that'll work - just leave a comment telling me!

3. For one more additional entry, tweet the following: "Visit @foodiethenew40's blog to win a $10 @BuyWithMeAustin voucher for BLVD Espresso & Dessert!".

That's it! Entries will close at 6:00 p.m. CST on Wednesday, August 3rd, and I'll pick a winner that night.

Good luck, and stay gold, Ponyboy!


  1. Surprised to find out I didn't already "like" Buy With Me's page. I do now. And of course, I already liked your page! I already bought this coupon for myself - can't wait to try it out! And such a short commute from my office - about 20 feet. :)

  2. Lil Evel, so jealous that your office is so close to this place! I would be neck-deep in gelato (and maki from How Do You Roll) on a regular basis if I were that nearby!

  3. I Liked both your Facebook page and Buy With Me's Facebook page; I also posted the tweet to my twitter page!! That strawberry sorbetto looks so YUM.

  4. I've entered! Adam will love this place, can't wait to check it out! I already liked your FB page but have added a like to Buy With Me's FB page as well. xo

  5. I followed step (1) and look forward to checking it out next time i'm downtown. I've 'liked' the FB page for 'Foodie/40' for about as long as it's existed on FB & that's how I found out about this delicious contest!

    and i guess i need to change my google login or at least set up one of the other ones. as you may know, I'm no longer is DC :-)

  6. I entered -- twice!

  7. I 2-stepped with you and BuyWithMe. I'm disappointed in myself for not "Like"ing your blog's FB page sooner. Thanks for the extra motivation!

  8. Michelle, I'll follow you anywhere. :-). But for tue purposes of swag I made the requisite likes.

  9. I completed all three task to enter three times. Thanks! :-)

  10. Nom nom nom. Glad to see that they have local fare. I am eligible through the first 2 types of entries :-)

  11. And the winner is...QRoseC! Congrats, Ms. Q! :D

  12. Also, thanks to all of you for entering! I so appreciate your visiting and taking the time to read.


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