Friday, July 8, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Seaweed Salad

If you were to create a Venn diagram of the set of food that is tasty and the set of food that is healthy, the intersection of the two sets would be pitifully small. See for yourself:

Food That Are....jpg

One dish that hangs out in that intersection also happens to be one of my favorite things - seaweed salad. The cool, fresh crunch of the seaweed and the fragrant sesame oil are the perfect antidote to the oppressive heat outside.

seaweed salad.JPG

According to Livestrong, seaweed salad helps you lose weight by discouraging fat absorption.

Does this mean I can have another spider roll? If so, please pass the seaweed salad.

What are your favorite healthy foods?


  1. I couldn't agree more! Seaweed salad is awesome!! And great diagram-- must be your engineering background :)

  2. I love, love, love seaweed salad!

  3. Wow! what a dynamic picture of Seaweed! It's so beautiful! guess I need to give seaweed another try.

  4. I LOOOOVE seaweed salad. For the longest time, I was too scared to try it -- it looked way too slimy and exotic. When I finally got the nerve, I fell in love. It's so delicious!

  5. Ditto what everyone else said. I have your lovely L.Shanna to thank for introducing me to seaweed salad. It's been a love affair ever since!

  6. OK, you had me at "discouraging fat absorption." Where might I try this tasty/healthy treat?

  7. I love quinoa- any preparation, but especially with cilantro, toasted pine nuts, and olives. I figure all the essential amino acids in the quinoa overrules the fat in the pine nuts and olives :-)

  8. I've loving the napa rolls from the Steeping Room but they're pricey so i'm going to attempt to my make own at home. Spring wrapper with fresh lettuce & chicken and lots of peanut sauce

  9. Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments! Seaweed salad lovers, unite!

    Baze, most sushi restaurants have seaweed salad on their menus. I've also seen it in the sushi case at Whole Foods.

    Shelley, I'm a quinoa lover, too! So tasty!

    Jane, I need to try those! I frequently make spring rolls using store-bought rotisserie chicken. Add some chopped cabbage and a little sriracha sauce and you have yourself a tasty, economical, reasonably healthy, and super-easy meal.

  10. Seaweed salad is a favorite of mine!

  11. Kale is probably the most truly nutrient-packed thing I actually love to eat.

    Since the remodel of the HEB at Burnet and 2222 they have a pretty excellent selection of sushi, including tubs of seaweed salad. I'm not joking when I tell you that this has been dinner about 4 times a week this summer.

  12. Mixette, I've seen the sushi, but hadn't noticed the seaweed salad - I'll definitely have to look next time! Thanks for the tip!

    And yeah, I love kale, too...


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