Friday, March 18, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Venison Heart Tartare

Venison heart tartare. Those words alone are enough to send lesser men (or women) screaming from the room. Top it with a pile of crunchy & deeply flavorful bits of fried pig ear and a glistening sunrise of yolk confit, and serve it with a few slices of pepper-sprinkled white chocolate - you'll earn yourself a name somewhere in the continuum between insanity and genius.


For my part, I think this dish is most aptly labeled "divine." Thank you, Foreign & Domestic, for sheltering my friends and me from the SXSW madness and fortifying us with yet another outstanding meal.


  1. i totally went there as shelter from SXSW too :)

    I should write a missed connection about you.

    - Linda

  2. Now I MUST eat there when I am in town in June...

  3. Linda, we *really* need to meet...

    Aimee, I wish my pics were 1/1,000,000th as good as yours!

    HAGC - yes, you must! If you need other suggestions for your trip, let me know! :)

  4. Love this Michelle! Although I'm afraid of eating anything's heart =P The egg looks scrumptious! I've been waiting for a Food Photo Friday from you for a while!


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