Monday, October 4, 2010

New Toy!

As most of you know, the large majority of the photos for this blog have heretofore been taken with a four-year-old ultracompact camera, my beloved Canon SD800 IS. Despite the fact that - back in February - the flash started to emit puffs of smoke, I couldn't quite bring myself to part with my trusty friend.

But with a birthday on its way, I finally decided that it was time to treat myself to a new toy. I picked it up on Thursday night, just in time for a visit from my dear friend Andi, whom I had not seen since 9th grade (thanks, Facebook!). Between eating my way through Austin with Andi and our Supper Club's October meeting, which consisted of a food trailer tour, I had ample opportunity to play with my new baby. It's still a compact camera, because I need to be able to throw it in my bag and go - but it is still SO much more powerful than my old one. Here are a few shots from its maiden weekend.

Corned beef hash at Zax.

Shot at Lambert's on Auto mode without a tripod. With my old camera, this photo would have been a terrible blur. This camera handles low light shots extremely well for a camera of this size.

Lambert's pork ribs with a ah-ma-zing fennel & coriander rub and a hint of maple glaze. Served with apple & roasted fennel slaw. ($16)

Calamari at Fonda San Miguel.

Lengua tacos at Taqueria Arandas. One of the best bargain meals in town at a ridiculously low $1.60 apiece.

The fragrant Fish Malabar at G'raj Mahal.

Seared Yassa chicken served bunny chow style at Cazamance.

Army of sliders from Along Came a Slider.

Poor Qui buns from East Side King.

Chicken karaage at East Side King.

Brussel sprout salad at East Side King.

The terrifying Baby Rattler, featuring fudge icing, fudge Oreos, and the largest gummi-anything I've ever seen, at Gourdough's.

The Razzle Dazzle (raspberry filling, chocolate icing, chocolate chips) at Gourdough's.

I have high hopes that this new camera will help me bring you a whole new level of food porn. Stay tuned!


  1. I think the raspberry sauce on the last photo is dripping through my computer screen and onto my keyboard... yuuuummmmmmm......

  2. Fonda San Miguel has calamari? Everything else looks ridiculously good, but I'm scared of the gummy worm thing.

  3. Lovely! Congrats on the new baby!
    (Although it's shown me a new aspect of Gourdough's that I now find terrifying...) ^_^


  4. AustinUrbanGardens - yes - they do! I thought their kitchen was a tiny bit off when we were there, for the first time ever, and the calamari was a tiny bit greasy...but I've had it before in the past, and thought it was great.

    Also, to both you and Alice: we were terrified of that gummi worm thing, too. Don't know if you saw my FB post where the person who ordered it is lifting it off the top, but it was totally a mutant gummy snake.

    L. Shanna, come visit soon and we'll take you guys! I think Chewy would love Gourdough's!! ;)

  5. Great shots! That is a sweet new toy. And happy early B'day. I'm still giggling over your refusing to accept the smoking flash as a sign that it's time to pick up a replacement. I have a car like that- I just can't seem to let her go although it's probably past time.

  6. LOVE the new camera!!! your food pics look magical :)

  7. hey looks great! i love this! you should treat yourself. the question is, are you still using your alien lights?

  8. Thanks, all! :) And Sarah, never fear - I am still sporting full alien regalia. ;) Although the new camera does a great job in low light, the photos are still better without processing if I use the antennae...the photos from Along Came a Slider, East Side King, and Gourdough were all taken using my booklight sidekick!

  9. After trying 12-13? (I'm losing count) doughnuts at Gourdoughs, have not tried either of those! Yum.

    Pretty pretty pics.

  10. Everything looks AMAZING and congrats on the new camera purchase! I've heard great things about that camera, and judging from your photos, they were correct. I haven't been to East Side King yet (I know, travesty), and this makes me want to go RIGHT NOWl

  11. Beautiful shots! I can't wait to see more. They are so clear and beautiful that they are making me HUNGRY!

  12. i think i may get this camera today! thanks for the review!


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