Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bola Pizza

Judging from my Facebook wall, I think somebody around here might've had a birthday or something. No, I'm not changing the name of my blog.

I could not think of a better way to celebrate than at one of the fabulous pizza parties thrown by my friends Christian and Jamie. They have been throwing these pizza parties for a long time (which I previously blogged about here), but there is a recent new twist - the addition of a wood-fired pizza oven (which just happens to be on a trailer!) - and the launching of a pizza catering business, Bola Pizza, so that you can throw your own pizza party - with their help, of course.

This could be the centerpiece of your very own pizza party!

Christian and Jamie are my friends, but I can honestly say that their pizza is the best in town, hands-down. First of all, the crust - a recipe that took them years to develop - is perfect. Just a little bit chewy, just a little bit crunchy, and just a teeny bit sour - in other words, delicious in every way. And they've added some new, seasonal pies to their menu that are out of this world. Their pizzas just keep getting better and better, and I can't get enough.

Witness: the fig & pancetta pizza, made with pancetta from Salt and Time.
(Much better photo by Christian here).

Why was the mushroom the life of the party? Because he was a fun-gi. This mushroom pizza is the life of the party: Minced criminis cooked down with thyme, garlic, shallots and white wine, then lovingly sprinkled atop sweet ricotta, mozzarella and black truffle oil.

Friends don't let friends tell fungi jokes.

I'm hard pressed to choose a favorite, but where garlic is involved, I'm tempted. This pie, called Garlic Two Times, should be renamed 'Gasm Two Times. But then the Texas Board of Education would probably try to ban it, and vampires would take over the state. Olive oil poached garlic cloves are mixed with shaved garlic and arugula atop sweet ricotta and mozzarella. Garlicgasmic.

Somebody attacked this pizza before I got my photo shoot in.

Scratch 'n' sniff!

Magic in action

Skip the catered lunch with dry chicken breast. Be a hero and book a Bola Pizza party today (if you need my address so you can invite me, let me know).

Shout out to my dear friend Carla, who brought not one, but two amazing cakes to the party from Sweetish Hill to help me mark another year, and to Jennie, who brought me a gorgeous batch of tipsy ispahan macarons!



Thanks, too, to friends and family too numerous to mention who make getting older worth every minute. Love you all.


  1. Yum, yum, and yum! So glad your birthday was happy :)

  2. Somehow I missed out on the Garlic Two Times. Looking forward to lots more birthday parties and pizza to come, friend!

  3. I scratched and could just ALMOST sniff that delicious garlic. Yum! So sad I missed this party!

  4. I must gather some people to do this!!!

    Fig & pancetta pizza!?! My mouth watered just reading that.

    Happy birthday again :)

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. Will they travel to Nor Cal? I think it would be worth the cost for that garlic pizza alone... mmm...

  6. Garlic pizza is my favorite, but garlic pizza out of a wood fired pizza oven??? You're killing me! Looks delicious. Glad you had a great birthday!!


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