Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Summer is here. It is HOT. Too hot to be outside in the late afternoon.

But Mindy and I both needed exercise, so I decided to take her to a leash-free park we'd never visited before, right off Far West. It's basically a 1/3-mile (or so) loop around a moderately picturesque, but non-functional (as far as swimming is concerned) body of water that has some purpose related to flood and water quality control. There are several signs around the perimeter asking people not to let their pets swim in the pond.

This is all fine and good in theory, but if you have a pup that loves to cool off in the water and it's 93 degrees out, as it was at the moment, this is basically akin to putting me on a running track that is built around a cupcake shop and telling me, "NO!" every time I start jogging toward the door. I managed to keep Mindy out of the main body of water, but I finally relented and let her cool her paws in about 1/8" of water that was running across a paved area. I looked away for just a minute, then I heard a "ploop, ploop, ploop" that sounded distinctly like it was much more than 1/8" of water. Mindy was nowhere to be seen.

I jogged down to where she had disappeared, and some movement caught my eye. I parted some really tall reeds not far from the pathway, and saw this:


Somebody explain to me why this dog hates getting a bath?


  1. Mindy! So sleek! So silly! She must be part otter. An otter with a very long, pink tongue. Optimista, you deserve a cupcake for writing such a fine post. zia

  2. Mindy is so adorable! Chewie is the same way, loves to swim but can't stand getting a bath!

  3. Too damn cute.

    Maybe because it's not her idea to have a bath?

  4. Awww Mindy! We miss your happy and enthusiastic little face.

    Just one word about bodies of water surrounded by tall grass: snakes! Be careful out there.

  5. haha our dog daisy is exactly the same way. no matter how hard we try to fight and yell and scream she runs directly to the water.

    one thing that was nice about this place was the steep grassy hills that definitely wore her out. she was ready to go after 10-15 minutes when it normally takes her an hour at town lake!


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