Thursday, June 17, 2010

Antonelli's Cheese Shop

If it's true that passion begets passion, you'll be ready to tear your clothes off after visiting Antonelli's Cheese Shop.


John and Kendall Antonelli are, without a doubt, incredibly passionate about cheese. And, perhaps equally importantly, they are passionate about providing terrific service to the steady stream of customers that come in seeking a piece of that love.


It is nearly impossible to get out of their shop without tasting something delicious. From wonderful cheeses to cured meats to nuts to amazing chocolate (the Askinosie chocolates are to die for!), everything you need to throw a fabulous party (in your tummy) is here. And I can pretty much guarantee that you'll leave with a bundle or two and a smile on your face.



Shop local. Support good people. Be happy.


Antonelli's Cheese Shop
4220 Duval St.
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 531-9610


  1. Fantastic!
    I've had a gift card here for a couple of months now. Can't wait to try! Am in the middle of a move so maybe it'll be lunch meat and cheese next week :).

  2. Such a great shop! I have dreams about that cheese case--and making mac and cheese with about 40 varieties.

  3. Good god!! I love cheese shops and this one looks fantastic. Now...if only it were in - say - Albuquerque...

  4. Where are they in relation to the other businesses there... Quacks, Fresh Plus, Asti, etc.? Street view doesn't show them yet, I guess.

  5. Marc, the Blogger comment function is wonking out again, but I received and published your comment, which I'm hoping will show up above at some point. Anyway, they're located between Hyde Park Bar & Grill and Dolce Vita.

  6. Kerby Lane has a salad on their menu with "croutons" made out of a cut-up grilled cheese sandwich featuring Antonelli's cheese. Easy idea to steal and a good excuse to visit the shop!

    Random cheese/dogpark trivia: one of Zephyr's owners is the sister of Peg Smith, James Beard award winning founder of Cowgirl Creamery.

  7. It's soooo good! You're going to want to get the Buffalo cheese when you go :)

  8. Oooo, mixette, those grilled cheese croutons sound like a terrific idea!

    Didn't know about Zephyr's owner, either - wow! We are dog-parkin' with the stars. :)

  9. Got it. Yeah, I'm ready to tear my clothes off for some good cheese.

    Okay, maybe that sounds wrong. Good parmesan might have rescued my pesto this evening, though.

  10. Well, Marc, obviously *I* don't think that sounds all that wrong, since I just published it on my blog for all the world to see. But I do understand if others have different threshholds for that sort of thing! ;)

  11. Great pics- thanks for sharing. I've been eyeing Antonelli's every time I pass it but haven't succumbed yet. Looks like dangerous territory.

  12. OMG, a post all about cheese??? This is officially my new favorite blog.

  13. Another place I've been wanting to try! I'll have to make a list of places to take Brando to!


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