Friday, December 11, 2009

Eat Local Event with Finn & Porter and the Cupcake Bar

Two weeks since my last post?!? That is completely unacceptable.

It's certainly not for lack of eating; thanks to the holidays, I'm probably eating more than ever. I've just been too flappin' crazed to write about any of it - although the burgeoning number of photo sets on my hard drive proves that I've at least been taking photos to share. I was thinking about you, really.

Anyway, I did get to attend a standout event on Monday that I've been dying to tell you about. I was invited to an Eat Local event at Finn & Porter as a guest of the cool folks over at The Cupcake Bar, one of the event co-sponsors. It was a TON of fun and I ate and drank myself silly sillier.

Check out the spread:



And more sushi

Under normal circumstances, I'll choose sushi over most other things, but this incredible pork belly was a superstar amongst superstars. It was expertly seared and served with mashed sweet potatoes graced with a warm, gently-savory Shiner Bock broth.


These beet & goat cheese napoleons were lovely, but had a really hard time competing with the sushi and the pork belly.

Beet & goat cheese napoleon with chipotle beet syrup

These quail legs, on the other hand, held their own.


These "tacos" held a little surprise - the shell was made from a very thinly sliced piece of jicama. Great low carb idea.

Salpic├│n of beef tacos with pickled jicama "shell"

You may recall that Finn & Porter was also the scene of Yelp's Second Anniversary Party. Both times, the food and the service have been truly outstanding; I really want to make it a point to visit them more often.

To help wash down all this fantastic food, the folks from Pedernales Cellars were on hand with a selection of their Texas wines. If you're looking for a great Texas wine, I highly recommend their Texas Tempranillo - a lovely wine that is delicious by itself or paired with a wide variety of food.

For dessert? Cupcakes, of course! The Cupcake Bar was offering both their signature "build your own cupcake" option (a super fun idea which can be booked for events), as well as a trio of Texas-themed mini cupcakes. There were Texas pecan pie cupcakes with Texas pecans and crumbled shortbread; Texas honey & lemon Cupcakes with Texas Olive Ranch's blackberry balsamic reduction & fresh berries; and my favorite, Texas sweet potato cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing, caramel, and walnuts. Mmmmmm.

A portion of the "build your own" bar

Texas honey & lemon cake with Texas Olive Ranch's blackberry balsamic reduction & fresh berries

IMG_0512crlgt.jpg IMG_0511.jpg
LEFT: Texas pecan pie with Texas pecans and crumbled shortbread
RIGHT: Texas sweet potato cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing, caramel, and walnuts

I've sampled a large cross-section of the cupcakes Austin has to offer, and I was very impressed by these moist, luscious cuppies. Absolutely wonderful!

This was a really fun event that was well worth braving bad traffic and cold, rainy weather to attend. Many thanks to Lori Schneider of the Cupcake Bar for inviting me out!

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