Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Return of the Food Bloggers' Potluck

The First Commandment of Food Bloggers' Potlucks is: thou shalt not arrive late.

Perhaps this means I am a sinner, but I simply was not able to get it together to arrive at the second Austin food bloggers' potluck, which occurred this Sunday, on time. In fact, I was nearly two hours late, which meant that not only were the best food photos long gone, but also that much of the best food had already disappeared into the gullets of hungry food bloggers.

Fortunately, there were still a few savory pickin's to be had, a few other bloggers also made late entrances laden with delectables, and the dessert table was still groaning under a myriad of fantastic-looking desserts. I still managed to stuff myself silly, and had a great time.

One of my favorite bites was the remnants of three Cajun-stuffed chickens cooked up by host David Ansel of Soup Peddler fame. These chickens, which had been purchased by a friend of the Ansels in Lafayette, LA, were stuffed with various combinations of such delights as shrimp, mushrooms, beef, pork, crawfish, and jalapeno cornbread (cue collective swooning). Maybe there's a completely valid reason that 27.4% of Louisiana adults are obese, according to this 2007 report.

Quite possibly worth tipping the scales on state obesity statistics.

Another meaty star was this duck confit boudin (yes, duck confit boudin!!), handmade by Adam of Cissi's Market. God how I love food bloggers potlucks!

Eat it and weep.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention the amazing lengths to which Ryan of Nose to Tail at Home went for his potluck offering. He bought an entire pork leg from MT Supermarket, brined it for 15 days in a 5 gallon bucket, then boiled it in hay before bringing it on by. Which is why he had a perfectly valid excuse for being later to the potluck than I was.

Ryan carving up his creation

Although the spotlight and the camera lenses are always focused on the food at any food blogger event, the people are what make it fun. Despite the fact that I was feeling tired and sort of quiet that day, I really enjoyed visiting with Jennie Chen of Miso Hungry Now (and devouring her fantastic Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes); getting photography pointers from incredible photographer and fabulous woman Penny De Los Santos of Appetite; and meeting Michael Chu of Cooking for Engineers, who recently relocated to the Austin area.

Penny De Los Santos and Mando Rayo of Taco Journalism strike a pose.

Leo, son of Jam from Thai Cooking With Jam,
checks to see if I'm safe to eat.

Julian, son of Addie Broyles of Relish Austin, thought this was a potLICK.

The rest of the photos I took at the potluck can be found here.

Thanks for another great event, Austin food bloggers. You put the luck in potluck.


  1. Holy, moly... those two dishes look good!

  2. ah, that's my son Leo. I'm sure he thinks you are adorable.


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