Sunday, November 5, 2017

Perfect French Pastries at Pâtisserie à la Carte

Back in April of this year, our neighborhood threw its annual potluck party. Some newcomers to our neighborhood left a tray of gorgeous French pastries. I took one of them and was transformed.

Fortunately, they had also left a few business cards behind, so although I did not meet the mystery pastry chef that day, I was able to track down her business on Facebook and send her a message along the lines of, "WHERE CAN I GET MORE OF THOSE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE"

The mystery pastry chef, who turned out to be Sèverine of Pâtisserie à la Carte, very graciously wrote back and told me that they were working on finding a space to open a food trailer, and that she would let me know as soon as they were set up.

Fast forward to November 2nd. I get a Facebook message from Sèverine: "We are opening tomorrow at Top Drawer Thrift on Burnet Road!" The next day, I hurried over, gave Sèverine a big hug upon meeting her for the first time (I'm sure she was thinking I was a terrifying stalker at this point), and bought a little selection of pastries for our dessert that evening.

(Upper left - Le Butterbliss; lower left - Canelé; center - Bourdaloue Pear & Almond Tart; lower right - Mogador Milk Chocolate & Passionfruit Tart)

Every bite was absolutely sublime. The Butterbliss was what I'd tried at our neighborhood party and I didn't think anything could possibly be better, but the rest of the pastries we tried gave the Butterbliss a hard run for its money. The canelé was so incredibly rich and custardy; the pears in the Bourdaloue tart absolutely sang; and, while I don't usually like fruit mixed in my chocolate, the passionfruit and chocolate were so perfectly married in the Mogador tart that it was almost another substance altogether. We stuffed ourselves absolutely silly on these beauties.

Patisserie a la Carte
Bourdaloue Pear & Almond Tart
Patisserie a la Carte

Patisserie a la Carte
Mogador Milk Chocolate & Passionfruit Tart
Patisserie a la Carte
Le Butterbliss

Séverine and her husband are also serving coffee and tea at Pâtisserie à la Carte, making it the perfect spot to stop on your way to work, or for a little pick-me-up in the afternoon. Burnet Road is a long way from France, but a taste of Pâtisserie à la Carte will make you think you're at a charming café in Paris. C'est magnifique!

Patisserie a la Carte

Their Austin Facebook page
Their Austin Instagram page
Their Austin Twitter page
4902 Burnet Road (at Top Drawer Thrift)
Austin, TX 78756
They are still working out their hours, but right now they're working with a tentative schedule of
M-F 8-10a and 2:30-6p. Check their social media channels for updates!


  1. Replies
    1. It is!! I hope you get a chance to try it soon!

  2. YES MORE PASTRIES! Can't wait to try theirs! These look so good!

    1. I can't stop thinking about those canelés...let me know what you think if you go, Anita!

  3. Can't seem to be able to order online. Any suggestions.

    1. Hi MissLindyS, are you able to go visit the trailer at 4902 Burnet Road?

  4. How do you keep the texture of the pastry from deteriorating during the day?
    -- henry y

    1. That is an excellent question, Uncle Henry! They may not be as good at the end of the day as they are at the beginning. However, I bought the treats pictured above in the afternoon and didn't eat them until evening, and they were still EXCELLENT. If they are even better in the morning - wow!

  5. I've been passing this food trailer on my way to work and was wondering what's going on! I'll definitely be checking them out soon though, I have a huge weakness for sweets <3

    1. I hope you love their pastries as much as I did!! Let me know what you think!


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