Monday, January 16, 2017

Bad Seed Chili Granola

One reason I write this blog is that when I get excited about something, I want to tell everyyyyybody about it. I become a broken record, enthusiastically extolling the virtues of such-and-such product or such-and-such restaurant and repeatedly suggesting it to everyone within earshot.

So, just in case you're not planning to be within earshot of me in the next couple of weeks, here's my latest mantra: you have to buy yourself some Chili Granola.

Full disclosure: my friend Penny is involved with this company. She brought me a jar of it to sample. It sat on my kitchen counter for a couple of weeks, because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it - then finally yesterday I opened it up and plopped a generous dollop of it on top of a bowl of Bulgarian yogurt. And my mind. was. blown.

Chili Granola

Imagine the most flavorful Asian chili oil you've ever tasted (and trust me, I've tasted a lot of Asian chili oil) mixed up with some yummy, crunchy, slightly-sweet-and-spicy bits - that's the best I can come to describing it. I loved it on yogurt. For lunch the day I opened the jar, I fixed myself a bowl of rice with broccoli and a fried egg on top and added a spoonful of Chili Granola - DIVINE. I texted Penny excitedly, and she told me that it's amazing in fried rice, on popcorn, and on breakfast tacos. The folks over at Mouth added it to brussels sprouts. I truly think the question should be, how shouldn't I use it? It's really that good. Like, "where has this been my whole life?" good.

Chili Granola

Apparently, they make this stuff all by hand, so you can't mosey on over to your local grocery store and get it (unless you live in Brooklyn, in which case, no fair!). It's also available at MouthFarm to People, and Uncommon Goods. Hot tip: Farm to People offers free shipping over $100; just 8 bottles will get you there. Get your friends together and go in on a joint order...or, if you're like me, just buy 8 bottles and tell your spouse you're going to give them away and then end up secretly hoarding them because you really do not want to run out.

For real, though, try it. If you don't love it, I'll buy it from you and add it to my stash.

More info and pretty pictures on the Bad Seed Chili Granola website.


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