Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tarka Indian Kitchen

When the weather is all cold and rainy like it has been in Austin lately, it sets off my cravings for hot food, both temperature-wise and spice-wise. When that happens, Tarka Indian Kitchen becomes a favorite dining spot for me. I want nothing more than to dive into a bowl of their amazing korma or their creamy tikka masala (as in, literally dive into it, headfirst, but I usually just settle for consuming it, instead).

Not photogenic, but do not let this deter you; Tarka's korma is special.

The dreamy-est, creamiest tikka masala.

Be sure to get an order of garlic naan to sop up the dregs with. 

Just look at the amount of garlic on these babies! Great for first dates.

When it's warmer out, I'm usually inclined toward one of Tarka's "lighter" dishes, like one of their biryanis (basmati rice stir fried with ginger, garlic, onion, and vegetables and your choice of chicken, lamb, shrimp, vegetables, or paneer) or their sheesh kabobs.


Kabob patties made with lamb, garlic, ginger, red onion, herbs & spices

If you need to curry some flavor with an Indian food lover, I highly recommend a visit to Tarka. Looking to experience all the Indian food Austin has to offer? Check out this comprehensive post covering all your Austin Indian food needs over at Mad Betty!

Tarka Indian Kitchen
Three locations:
North: 2525 W. Anderson Lane, Austin, TX
South: 5207 Brodie Lane, Austin, TX
Round Rock: 201 University Blvd., Round Rock, TX


  1. Your Tarka meals look exactly like mine! I almost always get the korma, though last time I did get a biryani, but I wished I had stuck with the korma! Mad Betty always get the vindaloo, which she loves & she's also turned me on to the chicken pakoras. I'll have to try those kabob patties next time, that is if I can tear myself away from the korma! ;)

    1. It's really difficult to tear yourself away from the korma - I get that! It's still my favorite dish there, though the tikka masala is also wonderful. I love the other offerings at Tarka, but the curry section is the best, I think!

  2. Even the chicken salad is amazing here because of the great chicken and the flavorful dressing.

    1. I'll have to try that, Barbara - on a warm day! Thanks for the tip!

  3. The malai kofta is pretty awesome, too!

    1. Must try that next time - thanks for the tip!

  4. Mmm. I come here quite often for work lunches!

  5. Curry some flavor....hahaha. You're so clever, girl.

  6. Eating our sunday Tarka Dinner right now. Love their website and curries.

    1. Now that's a lovely Sunday tradition, Jens!


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