Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Delectable Deal - Sunday Pork Chop Special at Perry's

Happy new year, dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that your year is off to a delicious start.

Did you make any resolutions this year? In keeping with tradition, a few "need-to's" and "shoulds" flitted through my mind and were promptly rejected. Rather than inflexible resolutions, I prefer the path of pseudo-moderation: finding ways to live a thoroughly enjoyable life while still living more or less responsibly. Case in point: the Sunday pork chop special at Perry's Steakhouse.

I'm sure not a few of you are snickering to yourselves. How could the famous, insanely huge Perry's pork chop be associated with anything remotely resembling moderation? Well, if you play your cards right, you can get a whole lot of meals out of this one chop (last time I went, I made rice and veggies to go with the leftovers and got six meals out of one chop!). And if financial moderation is your bailiwick, you'll be thrilled to know that on Sunday nights, Perry's offers this prize of porcine perfection for a mere $29.95 - and they throw in your choice of any salad from their menu (all of which are fairly large) and a dessert trio, to boot. On a normal day, the chop alone without any sides, salad or dessert is $36.95! (they also serve a lunch-sized portion with whipped potatoes for $12.95 on Fridays, but it's smaller and the restaurant is typically insanely packed).

It's really difficult to photograph in Perry's because the restaurant is super dark. But here are a few mildly murky photos for you:

Complimentary crusty bread and whipped butter.

Field green, pear, and candied pecan salad. Typically $9.95 - included with the special on Sundays.

A veritable sea of pork.

They carve your chop up tableside. There's even a show with this special!

Holy meat sweats, Batman!

Dessert trio - incredibly rich chocolate truffle, creme brulee, and mini cheesecake.

So, there you have it. In case you still needed a New Year's resolution, you can now resolve to get thee over to Perry's for their Sunday pork chop special. Trust me; you'll be in hog heaven.


  1. 2015 bucket list. Along with the one about the french fry.

    1. Bahahaha! I adore you, Linda! After we separated last night, I kept giggling, imagining us fulfilling that goal.

  2. You've had me wanting this pork chop lately. Chris and I had a reservation for lunch Christmas weekend and both got sick and had to cancel. Now I'm thinking when we reschedule it should be for Sunday dinner.

    1. The Sunday dinner deal is hard to beat! But nothing wrong with that lunch chop, either, so long as you remember to make reservations!

  3. We had an absolutely comical Christmas Eve there 2 yrs ago. Suzie got the chop and it was redunkulous. It reminded us of the ribs which are placed on the car in the opening Flintstones theme music.

    1. Perfect analogy, Jens! Eating that thing IS sort of a caveman-esque experience.

  4. Hi. Thanks for the review. It took me this long to write because that is how long-lasting your post stay in my mind. Due to work, we can rarely make the Friday lunch. Is the Sunday deal enough for two? Is it available all Sunday? Thanks.

    1. Hi LG, thanks for your comment! The last time I had the Sunday dinner I split it with my husband AND, with extra rice I made later, we had enough to have two lunches EACH afterwards! It is a ton of food. The Perry's in Austin is only open for dinner on Sundays but I believe the special is offered the whole time they are open. Please call them to confirm before you go but I am pretty sure this is correct. Enjoy! :)


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