Wednesday, October 31, 2012

GIVEAWAY! Austin Food & Wine Alliance Wine & Swine!

Bonkers for bacon? Pining for pork belly? If so, you'll go hog wild over the Austin Food & Wine Alliance's 2nd annual Wine & Swine, a pigerrific event being held this Sunday, November 4th, at Pioneer Farms.  18 chefs will each be preparing a whole, locally-raised pig to use in a pork-forward dish for attendees to taste (check out the drool-inducing chef lineup and menu here).  In addition to the pork tastings, there will be live music; wine, cocktails and craft brews; farm tours (via hayride!); photo booth fun, and butchery and sausage-making demos - all included in the ticket price of $75 ($95 at the door). The proceeds from this event support the Alliance's culinary grant program.


My friends at the Alliance have very generously shared a pair of tickets to Wine & Swine with me to give away to a lucky reader!  You can get up to three entries, one entry for each of the following:

1.  Leave a comment below naming your favorite of the chefs participating in Wine & Swine (make sure you include a way to contact you if you win!);

2.  Tweet, "Enter to win a pair of tickets to @ATXFoodWineAlly's Wine & Swine from @foodiethenew40:".  Then let me know in the comments that you've done so (please include your Twitter handle!).

3.  "Like" my blog's Facebook page and let me know in the comments here that you've done so.

Entries will close at 7:00 p.m. CST on Thursday, November 1st, and I'll pick the winner that night.  May the pork be with you!


  1. 1. I am leaving a comment - woohoo! Super excited to try Rebecca Rather's Indian fry bread. It's the little things :)
    2. I am tweeting the fabulous tweet right... now.
    3. I have liked the Facebook page! I didn't even know about it Michelle. Wowza.


  2. Hi! I liked your FB page. I'm really looking forward to the Gilmore Boys dish! Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Favorite chef James Holmes

    Liked your FB page.

    YAY! Can't wait if I win, how awesome would that be. Love some of these other chefs too.

  4. Favorite chef(s) would be the Gilmores. Would love to taste their pig :)

    Liked the facebook page.

  5. 3) Liked the FB page
    1) Ben Hightower. Aayeee!


  6. 1. I personally love chefs Jack and Bryce Gilmore and love visiting their restaurants even more. Looking forward to seeing their whole roasted pig!
    2. Re-Tweeted, by @DancinLO
    3. I liked your Facebook page (why hadn't it already been liked? Crazy!)

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Lorena O.

  7. Very excited to try Nicole Patel's Jalapeño Bacon Truffle, Texas Wine & Cherry Truffle & Smoked Salted Caramel...YUM!

  8. 1) You tell me there's a Pork party, and John Bates from The Noble Pig will be there.. how can anyone NOT be excited about that?

    2) I just tweeted. Excuse me.

    3) Liked!

    Thanks Michelle!

  9. 1) I'd love to win to check out Josh Watkins "unique pig roasting box." pearlho81 at gmail

  10. 2) tweeted:

  11. 3) like your FB page. Pearl Ho

  12. Super excited about this even! Who doesn't love the father son Gilmore duo? Barley Swine is our go-to for little bites of heavenly, creative flavors and Jack Allen's Kitchen always satisfies with upscale comfort food. Yum!

    Also I'm already a fan of your facebook page - got me here this morning!


  13. The Gilmore boys get my vote! I can't believe I hadn't "liked" your blog page prior to this!


  14. 1) I'm choosing the Gilmore Chef's. Those men know how to treat meat right.... That didn't come out EXACTLY how I meant it but, you get what I mean
    2)Totally already tweeted
    3) I was totally already a "liker" of your fb page so I shared your status with my friends :)


  15. Rooting for John Bates, my twitter: @jeffmendoza

  16. Ben Hightower! (also posted the tweet and Liked your Facebook page)

  17. Everything looks amazing! but.. Zack Northcutt
    Bacon Ice Cream and Foie Gras Whipped Cream! all of my favorite things married!

    Liked your fb page, shame on me! I didn't even know you had one.

    Hope you are well. Cheers :)

  18. David Norman, and his dish sounds delicious. I've posted the tweet and I'm already a fan of your FB page.

  19. James Holmes: Pork Stew with Maker’s Mark Glazed Smoked Pork and Chicharrón.

    - Everett T

  20. Charles Mayes & Brandon Fuller

    I completed the other steps


  21. Definitely liked your FB page and tweeted your amazing giveaway.

    I'm gonna say Jason Dady has to be my favorite chef.

  22. Comment: Ben Hightower is the next attention-getter to come from Uchi. The meals at TRACE are out of this world and his Cajun background should make his Cochon De Lait ought to be magnifico (and pair well with a nice citrus Chardonnay.

  23. fave chef:
    Chamorro (Pork in the style of Guam & the Marianas Islands)? Yes, please, Alma Alcocer-Thomas!

    Liked your facebook page and tweetedddd

  24. Tweeted the offer and liked the FB page. Looking forward to tasting Bryce Gilmore & Jack Gilmore's pigs! @m13v

  25. My favorite participating chef is John Bullington! His special event menus at the Drafthouse are always impressive!

  26. Tweeted about your giveaway here (@ChippyFonToast):

  27. And finally, I LIKED your facebook page!! (can't believe I hadn't done that before :)

  28. I vote for James Holmes. Can't wait to try the pork stew he's making.

    And I also just liked your Facebook page!

    Contact me on twitter: @mikeblair

  29. 1. I am totally in love with Josh Watkins... his food, that is. Such a nice guy, too.
    2. Tweeted @vinocibo.
    3. Definitely liked your FB page.


  30. 1. can't wait to see Andrew Wiseheart! Contigo is my first love

    2. the tweet is done by me @evhenshaw

    3. consider your fb page, liked!

  31. Jason Dady. Tweeted. Liked.

    This would help me get a few new people out! Thanks!

  32. 1. Definitely looking forward to trying Zack Northcutt's bacon ice cream :)
    2. Tweeted :) (@jordankalynn)
    3. Liked the fb page!

  33. 1- Gotta say I'm psyched for Zack Northcutt.
    2- Done! @whitneyaphoto
    3- Liked

  34. Oops! Forgot to include Twitter handle: @bearpatrol

    bear patrol,  October 31, 2012 11:13 AM
    Ben Hightower! (also posted the tweet and Liked your Facebook page)

  35. Left out my twitter handle, it's @donaldpepper

  36. 1. Zack Northcutt's bacon ice cream. Yum!
    2. Just tweeted! @scarlsmitchell
    3. Liked the Facebook page

  37. Well, of course my favorite chef is Eric. If you're T the event, stop by the WF table and say hello!

  38. And the winner is...Mexicanity! I entered the number of entries into and it chose him as the winner of the Wine & Swine tickets. Congrats, Mexicanity - happy pigging out! Huge thanks to all of you for visiting and participating, and hope you can join us at the event on Sunday!

  39. I can't believe I missed this contest, I would love to check out Bud Royer. I simply can't resist a delicious pie and have a sweet tooth. I hope everyone has a great time at the event.


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