Friday, January 6, 2012

Food Photo(s) Friday: FINO

Sometimes, you just need a well-crafted cocktail with a big ice cube that's perfectly engineered for the size of your glass, so it doesn't melt too quickly and water down your drink. Maybe you need there to be a tree of mint in it.

Neon Indian Paintbrush - Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol resposado, Zirbenz stone pine, agave nectar, Peychaud's bitters, and mint (alas, no longer on the menu, but you can sometimes get one anyway, or you can order the Ghost of the Pine, which IS on the menu and is similar). One of either of these cocktails and a good friend will melt away the worst of days.

Of course, as you're sipping your refreshing beverage, you need something to munch on. Sumac potato chips with a lemon yogurt dip, perhaps? A slice of Spanish tortilla swimming in aioli? Grilled baby octopus with piquillo peppers? A pair of tender, decadent pork ribs? Fried anchovy stuffed olives?




Hell yes.

Oh. Hell. Yes.

The food and the drinks at FINO will always hold your interest, will make the people around you seem more interesting, and will turn around the day of even the crabbiest McCrabberton (ask my friend Kimberly about how cranky I was last time I met her there...and about how quickly I snapped out of it after my first few sips of Neon Indian Paintbrush.)

Be sure to pay homage to the big O on your way out.



2905 San Gabriel Street
Austin, TX 78705

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  1. I love you, MC! Your writing and pix rock!
    And because of you, there's more places in Austin I wanna try than up here!


  2. Great Pics! And even better taste. :)

  3. Oh yeah... Fino, top of my list. Last time I was in, I ran into KK and we had a couple of Indian Paint Brushes, which is seriously similar to the Ghost of the pine. Josh is an awesome bartender and KK was a great companion to have a few drinks with. I love how the mint is meant to provide you with an aroma as you enjoy the complex mixture of liquors. Great post Michelle... Jens

  4. I love FINO but kind of forgot about it until I had some Bake Sale goodies recently. Got to go back and take advantage of that outdoor space while the weather's good.

    Love the (hipstamatic?) photos

  5. I do love FINO. It's been to long since I've stopped in. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I should put this place on my list of restaurants to review. Nice photos!


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