Friday, September 30, 2011

Food Photo Friday - La Sombra

Setting aside my inane desire to break out in a chorus of "La Bomba" every time I walk in the door, La Sombra has grown on me since my first visit during their soft opening last summer. I love their empanadas, their quail skewers, and that crazy chacero sandwich packed with hangar steak, French green beans, avocado, and some other stuff that nobody cares about because the first three ingredients have stolen the show.

On my most recent visit, I tried their special, a nod to Asian influences on Latin American cuisine. Asian style noodles were tossed with tender mussels and Chinese sausage and finished with a sprinkling of scallions. It was beautiful.


Our server, Scott, was an absolute prince when we sent the first plate back to the kitchen and brought a second plate that was significantly less salty and, not coincidentally, also significantly more delicious. Service like that will keep me coming back to a place. Especially if that place is close to my house and allows dogs on their patio.

I wonder if I can teach Mindy to dance to Ricky Martin.


  1. I absolutely did not like La Sombra the first few months they opened and a few times after that. I LOVED their service and ambiance but the food kept disappointing me. Alan on the other hands loves it so much so we continue to go there and I've since grown to like the food.

    Their food is also so photogenic!

  2. A "good service" note always bumps a new restaurant to the top of the to-try list!

    That photo is making me hungry, and I expect to see a dancing Mindy on Viddy...


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