Friday, June 3, 2011

Food Photo(s) Friday - Hot Dog King

Workin' all week, 9 to 5 for my money
So when I go out to eat it had better be yummy
Rollin' down the street, I saw this food truck it was pumpin'
I winked my eye, got outta my ride, walked on over, it was jumpin'
Checked the menu; finally said, "A Deer Dog's my desire,"
She said, "One venison dog comin' up, baby doll - and these jalapenos are on fire,"
Word to the ranks: if you want a great frank, look no further than Hot Dog King
They're so all right that baby, just one bite will make you want to do the wild thing.

- Wild Thing, revised (with apologies to Ton Loc)

Deer Dog made with local smoked venison sausage (onions and jalapenos are add-ons) - $4

Chili cheese dog (Fritos added!) - $5 (without the Fritos)

The King.*

*Actually, THIS is a picture of The King. And it is awesome.

Hot Dog King
8th and Red River Streets
Austin, Texas
Their website


  1. Wow - Hot Dogs, Jalapenos, Fritos - three of my favorite food groups. Food trucks are popping up all over the Twin Cities these days. Including, NateDogs. Will have to track them down and see if they have anything like this.

    BTW - Great photos! Curious what lenses you shoot with primarily. Thinking about upgrading my own.

  2. This looks like the perfect place to take my little. :)

  3. BigBadMN - Ha! You crack me up. Austin is also having quite a food truck renaissance, these days. They are popping up faster than I can eat.

    Thanks for the compliment on the photos! Actually, I am a lazy bum and shoot solely with a compact point-and-shoot, a Canon S95. I know my output would be tons better with a DSLR, but I just can't bring myself to commit to lugging one around. :-P

  4. Linda - I'll bet your little would love it! You should probably be aware that it's right in the heart of the Red River grunge area, though, so at night there are a lot of hipsters lurking about. ;)

  5. Your photos, here and IG, are quite impressive as-is. I'm shooting more with my iPhone 3GS than my DSLR - for the same reason you mentioned - I don't lug my DSLR gear everywhere. But I have my phone with me constantly. And it's especially fun to edit and post on the fly. Now I'm anxiously awaiting the new iPhone with a much higher res camera.

    RE: Food Trucks - I can see why chefs are gravitating to them. Buy and outfit a really nice truck. Move around to wherever the crowds are. And, sell like crazy. Compare that to running a full restaurant.

  6. BigBadMN - you are too kind! Thank you. I, too, am anxiously awaiting the new iPhone; I bought mine (a 3G - ugh) at the wrong part of the release cycle, so now I'm stubbornly holding out for the next generation (which I *thought* would come out in June...sigh). My current phone is so sluggish as to be nearly unusable, so I'm stuck with my horrendous iPad camera for post-on-the-fly stuff (less than 1 megapixel, I believe), which only works if shooting conditions are perfect, and even then, it's subpar. The S95 is so tiny that it's no big deal to throw in my bag, so I carry it with me pretty much all the time and often use those photos for IG when the iPad ones turn out too awful for me to stand. One of these days, I'm sure I'll break down and get a DSLR. Which one do you have?

    And yeah, the food truck revolution is certainly understandable. Low overhead, and it's mobile - seems like a perfect way to test your wings.

  7. I have a Canon T1i. Lower end of the Canon DSLR line. But I love it. And, it will keep me very challenged for years to come. Then, I have the 18-55mm kit lens and a 75-300mm. I have my eyes on a 50mm prime lens (probably the $130-ish f1.8) and a "walk-around" lens like the Sigma 18-250 or Canon 18-200. I also have a Canon 270EX flash which has greatly increased my lighting flexibility. I really like the versatility of the camera gear. But changing out lenses slows you down. When I get the new lenses (hopefully soon!), I'll leave the walk-around on most of the time. Then switch to the 50mm for special shots. The other thing I've enjoyed with the DSLR is the blazing fast shutter response. When paired with a high speed SD card, I can rapid fire pics at a few per second. Especially important when I have three fast moving kids. And, great when I want to shoot other moving stuff. My iPhone and other point and shoot are great at capturing stills. Not great at motion.

    I posted a bunch of my pics on IG - find me under rburmaster.

  8. I want hot dogs now... and I'm bookmarking this post for ideas for a Father's Day hot dog bar. :)

  9. BigBadMN - thanks for all the great info on your gear. This will for sure come in handy if (when) I eventually break down and get a *real* camera! Another place I get frustrated with my small camera is with its pathetic zoom capability. That's another area where I think a DSLR would really make a huge difference for me.

    Loving your IG feed...fantastic!

  10. Cash money for a video clip of you rapping this. Could buy ya a lotta dogs...


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