Friday, December 10, 2010

My Love Affair With a Pie

Most days, being a food blogger is a labor of love. But then there are days when it's just love.

Like the other day, when I got an e-mail with the subject line, "We've got a pie with your name on it!"

Well, that got my attention.

So I go to pick up this pie, a gift from The Monument Café in Georgetown. I open the lid of the box, and see this:



(Unfortunately, my photos do not really do this pie justice. This one that Christian Bowers took of his pie might give you a better feel for this thing.

A cloud of whipped cream piled atop a surprisingly rich, dense, chocolatey filling, on a crust made of candied walnuts. Did you hear that? A crust made of candied walnuts.

Pardon me while I go all teenage girl on you and say: OMG.

In an attempt to prevent myself from eating the entire thing, I took this pie to my office. Here are a couple of my co-workers' comments:

"I don't care if I have to work out for four hours because I ate a piece of that pie. It was worth it."

"It is demeaning to call this a chocolate pie. It is so much better than any chocolate pie anybody has ever eaten."

Cliff's Notes version: you must eat this pie.

Online ordering with full selection of pies and cakes available from Monument can be found here. The Monument Chocolate is a shockingly low $20 (but don't tell them I said that).


  1. I want that pie with MY name on it...

  2. Oh goodness. I want that in my belly right now.

  3. I want that pie delivered to my mouth.

  4. Sounds delicious... I must try this, esp since I pretty much drive almost to Georgetown for work

  5. Damn. It's on a CRUST of CANDIED WALNUTS??? Ship a piece up here, will ya?

  6. I may need to stop reading your blog until there's delivery to Canada.

  7. That's a damn good looking pie. And I may have to steal Monument's idea- the candied walnut crust sounds divine! Your co-workers owe you big time!

  8. I want to rest my head on that Pillow of whipped cream. Face down , mouth open

  9. Jackie says it's gluten free?? Want now!!

  10. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have already eaten today... so I shouldn't be hungry.. but that pie is making my mouth water. Want. now.

  11. As if I needed one more excuse to come to Austin...

  12. Love the post!! Especially: "Pardon me while I go all teenage girl on you and say: OMG." Agree completely!

  13. Candied walnut crust?? Oh my! Thankfully my in-laws live in G'town, so during our next visit I'll be making a pit stop!

  14. Those are pecans. And that pie is so worth 26$.


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