Friday, August 6, 2010

New Duck in Town?

On Wednesday, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a few beers with Rich - an old friend whom I hadn't seen in over ten years - and his brother, Mark. As tends to happen around me, the conversation frequently turned to food, and at one point, I was waxing philosophical about the unctuous pork belly slider I'd had the week before at Odd Duck Farm to Trailer (which I previously blogged about here).

Also common in my world: talking about delicious food makes me crave said delicious food. So the following day, I found myself at Odd Duck, peering at the menu hopefully (it changes frequently, so there's no telling what you're going to find). Fortunately, the pork belly slider graced the menu that day, so I was soon sidled up to the bar by the grill window with a massive slider and a tomato & melon salad with goat cheese.

I swear to you that I did not skew this image of the slider in any way. They are really that tall (fortunately, they have not proven to be this tall).

The slider of my dreams. Six dolla, no holla.

Swoonworthy salad - vine-ripe tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, and some kind of very light dressing that had a bit of a kick to it, garnished with goat cheese. $4, and really quite perfect. Truly.

Anyway, I'd been hearing rumors that Bryce Gilmore, the mastermind behind Odd Duck, might be opening a new restaurant. Since I was consuming a meal within five feet of where he was working, I asked. And I'm glad to report that the rumors are true! Bryce will be taking over the space where Pie Slice Bakery used to reside and opening a gastropub called Barley Swine. There will be beer. There will be pig. Opening date still in the air, but they are shooting for mid-October.

I plan to be the first in line.

P.S. Never fear - Odd Duck will remain open. Phew!


  1. ooooh that is exciting news! Thanks for being a super sleuth and sharing your knowledge with us! Mmmm... Odd Duck. Love that place.

  2. Barley Swine! Love that. I wanna go...

  3. Great news! Can't wait to check out the new pub.

  4. Yippeee! It's time- almost everytime I stop by OD has already almost sold out everything. He should have a packed house given the trailer's following.

  5. please please invite me when you go! firstly, i want to eat with you again. secondly, i need your alien light for my photos! :)

  6. When we were in the Texas visiting Optimista, we went to Odd Duck because E.S. liked the name. Fortunately, the food was great. A bunch of us ordered different stuff and because we're not afraid of sharing, we sampled the whole menu. Our pork-belly slider was THAT tall. Ideally, you should get some of everything in a bite. Impossible. We ended up knifing it and doing the best we could. Other items were just as good.
    -- uncle h

  7. We also recommend the donut hut (forgot the real name) in the same lot. It's more than Dunkin' Donuts, every item is a full-blown entrée. It takes a little coordinating to make sure you have a broad sampling, but everything is good.
    -- uncle h


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