Thursday, May 6, 2010

Foodie is the New Forty on Fox 7!

Last week, I had the opportunity to film a fun segment for Fox 7 News with reporter Lauren Petrowski. Lauren's "Fearless Foodie" series focuses on some of the more unusual foods available to eat in Austin. We visited one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, Asia Café, and took a walk through the adjoining market, as well. It was lots of fun...check out the clip here and see what we ate!

So, fearless foodies out there...what's the strangest thing YOU'VE ever eaten?


  1. Sweet! What a cool segment. Congrats!

  2. First of all, you look FABULOUS! Second, do you really like those dishes? You and Lauren are way braver than me. I'm taking her to try some raw foods next week :-)

  3. Awesome! Way to introduce all of Austin to Asia Cafe! (just hope it's not too crowded the next time I go)

    Did she like the intestines? I have a feeling the answer is no.

  4. Aww, thanks, guys!

    Jodi, to be honest, I probably would not normally order either of these dishes if left to my own devices. They're both tasty, but not as tasty as some of Asia Café's other wonderful offerings. I can't wait to see your raw foods segment!

  5. Whoa - sea cucumbers! When I visited the Galapagos Islands about 15 years ago, they were being illegally harvested there by Japanese (who were paying locals to do it). Apparently they are now in danger (of course this is true of a lot of our sea life :-() - check out this article:

  6. Peter, great question - I'd say she thought the intestines were OK, but kind of gross. I don't think she actively liked them.

  7. Wow, Laura - I didn't know that. Thanks for the insight.

  8. Michelle, this is awesome!! Congratulations! But how dare they misspell your name??!!! The reporter was a good sport, though. I lived in China for three years and still can't look at preserved eggs without grimacing.

  9. I'm so excited to see Asia Cafe highlighted... I wish I could convince myself to order something besides the Spicy Fish when I go there! But it's just so good.

  10. Way to go Michelle! Can I have your autograph?

    (I love that your English teaching SIL caught the misspelling of your name even though it flashed for less than a second-- although, I guess it IS her last name also.)

  11. Oooh! I don't have audio at work but I watched it anyway. I love Asia Cafe and am about to send this blog entry over to my Asia Cafe patner in crime. Congrats on the segment and you look lovely :)

    as for the strang foods comments: i think i have a head start growing up in an asian household.. so
    intestines, pigs blood, duck feet, chicken feet, bone marrow?

  12. Wow! You look great, and you're so well spoken and poised! What an awesome segment, congratulations :)

  13. How cool are you!? I see a TV gig in your future.

    We've had a bunch of odd things here in Beijing. Starfish, shark on a stick (a whole baby shark), and silk worm larvae were the fare one evening. (The first two were good, the last not so much.)

  14. You're a star!

    Weirdest foods so far were in Singapore - some kind of jellied fish egg thing, but sweet.

  15. Aspen, the original clip actually had some commentary around it that was cut off on the online version. In the commentary, the guy mentioned that the spicy fish is their best-selling dish. They brought some out for us and it was AMAZING! I'd always stuck to old favorites there, so had never tried it.

    L. Shanna/Tegan - I noticed that, too, and was actually glad it was on there for such a short time, as I hoped nobody else would notice. They also got my blog name slightly wrong, too. Oh well!

    Linda, I haven't had pigs' blood. That would be a tough one for me.

    Jaye & Tony, to be honest, they have a really good editor. I was a complete dork in front of the camera and they somehow magically hid that (mostly).

    And Tony, I saw your blog post about eating some of those items. No WAY could I have eaten those silk worm larvae. The starfish looked really difficult, as well. IMPRESSED.

  16. Ooo, mixette - I didn't know you'd been to Singapore! I'd love to go sometime. Not sure about the sweet jellied fish egg thing, though.

  17. Weird food - it's all relative. I was trying to explain raw oysters to a non-believer. "You eat it while it's still ALIVE?" "Well, I guess so, but it's shellfish. It's not going to fight back. Just slurp it down." "So it's an oyster-slurpee-thing?" "No, that would be something different, something... weird."
    You were great!

  18. YAY you're famous! Great segment. Boo for the name typo though.

    Weird food reminds me of my dad. He always says if they can do it, you can do it. So I tell him to eat bizarre foods. When we went to Vietnam I told him to eat the rattlesnake in a bottle of rattle snake liquor. He said, "Only crazy people eat that." I guess if they eat it, you only eat it, only if they're not crazy?

  19. Awesome segment Michelle! That's very cool!

    I love having Asia Cafe and the market within blocks of me. Makes my life a lot easier than hauling it to MT.

    Weirdest thing... well it might have to be the Haggis me and @nose2tailathome made. But being Chinese that doesn't really count as weird, I've had equally strange things. I usually just follow my mom's teaching when I was a kid, "don't ask what it is, just eat it"

    Congrats again on the segment!

  20. Viola - HA! Oyster slurpee thing? Ok, that sounds gross even to me.

    Kathy, I'm glad to know that even your dad has standards! ;)

    Ironjack - thank you! I haven't had haggis, so that qualifies as weird to me. Although I do think those of us who grew up Chinese are probably less likely than most to balk at odd animal bits. At least, that's definitely been my experience!

  21. This is fantastic! I loved *seeing* you on here! Woo! How fun that you got featured in such a cool segment. You're definitely the one to ask about food in Austin, I'm sure!

    Fun. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Go girl! I Sea Cucumber Tacos in our future! ;)

  23. Mando, let's dooooo eeeeet! BTW, I saw your gorgeous wife at a partay last weekend. She looks fabulous with that Baby Taco Journalist all up in there!


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