Sunday, April 11, 2010

Austin Food Bloggers' Potluck - Version Picnic

Ah, spring. Let me count the ways that I love thee. I shall celebrate thee by attending a food bloggers' potluck, oh yes I shall.

Thanks to our fearless leader, Addie Broyles, the Food Bloggers' Potluck made a comeback for 2010 in the form of a picnic at Patterson Park. As seems to frequently be the case when it comes to food blogger potlucks, I was really late, but I still got to see lots of my food blogger friends and make a few new ones. Here's a little glimpse of some of the tasty treats that graced the picnic table:

I loved these little tartlets by Natanya of Fête and Feast.

Delightful empanadas by Kristina from GirlGoneGrits. Loved the sauce!

Korean barbecue by Tanya, who was a friend of Peter from Tasting Buds.

Pão de queijo by Jennie of MisoHungry.

Beautiful quinoa dish by Megan of stetted.

Massive cookies by Lisa from LisaIsCooking. Yum!

This strawberry-rhubarb pie was absolutely divine. I am really, really hoping that the woman who brought it, Shelley from FranishNonSpeaker, might post her recipe (pleeeaaaase?)!

If you want some real potluck eye candy, be sure to check out the gorgeous event photos taken by Aimee Wenske on her blog!


  1. Natanya brought the tarts!

    I'm sorry I missed that pie. It looks soooo good.

  2. And to think every pot luck I ever go to only has a million varieties of ambrosia salad and a crock pot full of weenies....

  3. I left too early! I didn't get to chat with you or see that lovely pie. The great big cookies were mine. So glad you liked them!

  4. ah i missed out on a gastronomical good time!!

  5. I thought I'd seen you tweet about those cookies, Lisa! They were terrific. You'll have to bring those amazing-looking bars to the next one! ;) I edited the post to credit you. :)

  6. I was so bummed to miss it! Had to work all day.

  7. Nice pics! I want 1 more of everything... You can find Tanya at

  8. Oooh seeing all these photos makes me want to taste everything again. Everything was so good.

  9. I'm so sad that I was sick, this all looks so amazing! I think I need Megan's quinoa recipe!

  10. I do not know here real name, but here is the person that made the empanadas.

  11. Thanks the pictures are fantastic. I had the best time meeting everyone. Yes it's me (new to the group) that made the un-orthodox greek empanadas. Glad you enjoyed them. All the food was soooo delicious, can't wait for the next one. Kristina aka girlgonegrits.

  12. Kristina, I wish I'd had an opportunity to meet you at the potluck! BTW, this group never shies away from unorthodox. Deliciousness is more important - which these empanadas most certainly were! I'll edit the photo to add a proper credit. Thanks for visiting!


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