Friday, September 25, 2009

Austin Chronicle's "Best of Austin" Party

I am glad to report that I am back from San Antonio, which means that I can get back on the blogging wagon again (or would that be off the blogging wagon?). And I can eat meals that aren't 90% carbs, too...not that there's anything wrong with meals that are 90% carbs, but phew - they have a way of sticking around when you're also off your regular exercise schedule.

At any rate, my first "back in the game" fling was at the Austin Chronicle's "Best of Austin" awards party, which I got to attend courtesy of the fabulous Jennie Chen, a/k/a MisoHungry. Jennie won a "Best of" Critics' Picks award for "Most Diversified Portfolio," which is to say that Jennie does lots of things, all well, and is an inspiration to those of us who can barely keep our socks clean. Read more about Jennie's award here.

Jennie and her very well-deserved award!

As you might imagine, a party celebrating all of Austin's best was replete with great people, cool beats, and tasty nibbles (and let's not forget the free-flowing river of Tito's Vodka). I had a great time, ran into lots of old friends and made some new ones, and ate and drank myself silly. Thanks so much, Jennie, for letting me tag along for the party!

DJ Manny (Best Live Club/Party DJ) kept the beats thumping.

The most interesting-looking bite I've seen in a while - muscat grape terrine with goat cheese, black lava salt, and ver jus - made by The Carillon.

Green curry tofu by Zen (they also had some wonderful filet mignon and seared ahi, but I ate mine thinking I could come back and photograph later, and they were out when I went back for more).

Gouda/Havarti and Monterey Jack/Colby grilled cheese sandwiches by Chedd's

Rigatoni with house-made red chile fennel sausage sugo, roasted sweet peppers, basil and pecorino romano from Primizie.

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  1. Wow...stay on (or off) the blogging wagon. Great looking and sounding time.


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